Miswak Swak Toothbrush Family Pack Wooden Wooden Toothbrush, 50 + 10 set (60 Pieces)

Miswak Swak Toothbrush Family Pack Wooden Wooden Toothbrush, 50 + 10 set (60 Pieces)
  • Enamel-safe teeth whitening Härtend, antibacterial, antiseptic and Schmutzlösend
  • With natural vitamin C, Flavonoide, potassium and calcium
  • Protects against discolouration and encourages White Teeth
  • Contains natural active ingredients, no added fat quarters
  • Covers the teeth with protective film

The natural brush (Siwak) made from of the Arak plant (Salva Dora Persica), it grows in the desert Arabiens, Ostafrikas and Vorderasiens where the traditional use. Over 5000 years experience in Mesopotamia – The Cradle of Civilization, is, you can find the instructions to a Pinselartig Aufgefächertes bars for healthy teeth & gums. In the Muslimischen World has the Miswak Toothbrush for their meaning no still lose – it has however, the Prophet Mohammed used and recommended on a regular basis. Now prove that this modern clinical studies the effectiveness of the Miswak Toothbrush in plaque reduction and prevent. Last but not least the Miswak use wins to popularity, because of its sustainability and biological break down your music. The smell or taste of nature, toothbrush is comfortable, similar to wood with a very fine and mild ginger note. The Miswak is ideal for use when used with, or for travelling. It replaces Toothbrush and Toothpaste, it cleans gently and thoroughly thanks to natural gypsum crystals, is Blutstillend and prevents bacteria from entering and so it the mouth odor. When properly applied, the teeth clean and smooth like never before.
It contains important natural (.) Minerals such as fluoride (8 up to 22 ppm) and silicon, resistant to germs and anti-inflammatory tanning agents are (tannins) as well as vitamin C, saponins, chloride, Flavonoide, Potassium and Calcium.
Directions for use: Wet the tip of the Miswak with saliva on, until the bark softens. Then pull out the bark, approx. 1 – 2 cm with the cutting teeth. Chewing can be achieved with the cutting teeth to first millimetres of the wood and rotate this it to like a brush Auffasert. Sweeping is facing outwards and, using brush gently from the gums. Snap off end wood fibres you can Ausspucken or swallow. Fibres after several days are very frayed Easy to take with you wherever you’re going, the brush up to bark cut off and to start.

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